How to Connect a Wireless Mouse (Updated with iPad & Ubuntu Setup)

If you are a desktop user, you might be familiar with using a Bluetooth adapter (that comes with a wireless mouse itself) to connect the wireless mouse with your computer. 

You just have to plug in the Bluetooth adapter in the USB port of your desktop computer and you can start using your wireless mouse. Pretty simple !!

But I am going to share with you 5 different ways to connect a wireless mouse with any machine like a laptop, Macbook, or even an iPad without using a Bluetooth adapter because these devices come with a built-in Bluetooth connector.

Before understanding how to connect a wireless mouse, you must know how to turn on pairing on your wireless mouse to connect with other devices.

How to Pair a Wireless Mouse

You have two ways to enable pairing on your wireless mouse.

First is, some mouse comes with a pairing button on the top behind the scroll (has a Windows or Bluetooth logo), you have to keep on pressing this button until you see the “connected” or “paired” message on your computer or similar device.

But if you don’t’ have that pairing button available, no worries, you simply have to turn on the mouse and it will be paired automatically. Most of the wireless mice that come these days don’t have a pairing button.

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#1. How to Connect a Wireless Mouse on Windows 10

You can connect a wireless mouse to your windows laptop by adding a wireless mouse as a Bluetooth device.

Let’s go through the process step by step –

1.  Go to settings, either by pressing the “Windows + I ” keys from the keyboard or by clicking on the start menu button of the taskbar and then clicking on the settings button as given below.


2. When you open the “Settings”, you can see the “Devices” option there. Click on that.

3. Now click on “Bluetooth and other devices” in the left column and then click on “Add Bluetooth or other devices”.

4. Click on “Bluetooth” under the “Add a device” pop-up window.

5. Put your mouse into pairing mode, you can now see your wireless mouse model in and click on the “Pair” button as shown below.

#2. How to Connect a Wireless Mouse on Mac OS

If you have an Apple machine such as Macbook or iMac, then you can connect your wireless mouse by following the instructions given below.

1. Click on the “Apple” logo on the top left corner of your dashboard screen and click on “System Preferences”.


2. Click on the “Bluetooth” icon.

3. Click on the “Turn Bluetooth On” button and put your mouse into pairing mode, until you can see it in the Bluetooth devices list.

4. When you can see your wireless mouse in the list of available devices. Now click on your mouse name you will see a connect button as below, click on that button.

5. Your mouse is now connected to your Mac.

#3. How to Connect a Wireless Mouse on Windows 7

1. Click on the “Windows” button in the taskbar to open the start menu and then click on “Devices and printers”.


2. Click on “Add a device”.

3. Put your mouse into pairing mode, until you can see it in the Bluetooth devices list as below. 

4. Select the wireless mouse and click on next. Your mouse is connected to your computer and you can now use it further.

#4. How to Connect a Wireless Mouse on iPad

You might be using a keyboard with your Apple iPad but the good news is that now you can connect any wireless mouse with your iPad if it is updated to iPad OS 13.


You can use your iPad as a workstation using a keyboard and mouse combo to increase your productivity many times.

Without any further ado, let’s go through the process of connecting a Bluetooth mouse with an iPad. 

1. Tap on the Settings icon and then go to “Accessibility Options”. 

2. Now Tap on the “Touch” option in the “Physical and Motor” section.

3. Turn on the assistive device touch option. 

4. Once the Assistive touch option is enabled, tap on Devices and then Bluetooth devices.

5. Make sure your wireless mouse is turned on and put your mouse into pairing mode (if it has a dedicated pairing button) until you can see it in the Bluetooth devices menu. 

6. When your mouse is in the Devices menu list, tap on it. Enter a PIN code if required. By default it could be 0000 or 1234, or if you have set your own PIN. Now you can change the right and left button settings as given below.

Enjoy your mouse tracking on your iPad.

#5. How to Connect a Wireless Mouse on Linux (Ubuntu)

1. Click on the “System Settings” button and then click on the “Bluetooth” icon in the system settings options.


2. Open the Bluetooth panel and turn it on. 

3. Put your mouse into pairing mode, until you can see it in the Bluetooth devices list 

4. Click on your wireless mouse name in the Devices list and complete the setup. Make sure you can finish this step within 20 seconds to avoid the timeout. Otherwise, you have to repeat the process and turn off & on the mouse as well. 

5. When the mouse connects, you can see the status as “Connected”.

Final Words

Now you can connect your wireless mouse to any computer despite the operating system it has. Please share your experience in the comments.

If you know of any other device with which we can connect a wireless mouse (if I have missed that), please let me know in the comments, I add that to the list.

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