11 Best Wifi Mouse in India 2022

If you are fed up with mouse wire tangling between other objects while on the job, then getting the wireless mouse is a must.

If you want to get the best wifi mouse in India, then go through this article as we have curated a list of the 11 best Wifi mouse in India.

Best Wifi Mouse in India 2022

#1. AmazonBasics Compact Ergonomic Wireless Mouse with Fast Scrolling


Why you should buy this

Comfortable mouse for working long hours

AmazonBasics Compact is one of the most comfortable mice around for laptops. The mouse provides you ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the palm of the hand making it comfortable to use for long hours.

The mouse has a unique design to prevent strain on the wrist and provides stimulus to the arm muscles.

The mouse provides you with faster navigation through large documents and web pages thanks to its forward/back thumb buttons on the side.


  • Ergonomic design to rest your palm
  • Laser technology to work on any surface including glass
  • 2 Thumb buttons for easy usage during web browsing or exploring lengthy files


  •  Not ideal for small hands

Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000

#2. Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse 

Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse 

Why you should buy this

A durable wireless mouse for regular office work

Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse is widely compatible with Chromebook, Windows, and macOS. You can use M221 for regular office work thanks to its compact ergonomic design makes it an interactive mouse.

The mouse is powered by 2.4 GHz wireless technology to connect the mouse even from a distance of 10 meters. You get 1000-DPI optical tracking making it ideal for web browsing, or office work like spreadsheets, presentations.

 The product comes with batteries that can last for 18 months.


  • The product has a 3-year warranty
  • 1-year battery life
  • 1000-DPI to work flawlessly
  • Sturdy build


  • The mouse might be too compact for some people to maneuver

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Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 500

#3. Zebronics Zeb Dash Wireless Optical Mouse


Why you should buy this

Inexpensive wireless mouse with DPI control

If you are tight on budget, then go with the Zebronics Zeb dash wireless mouse that is not only super low in price but also provides you flawless accuracy.

You can also adjust DPI settings manually to 800,1200, or 1600 using the button behind the scroll wheel.

The mouse comes with an outstanding battery that lasts up to 2 months. You get a connectivity range of around 20 meters which is great. Though the mouse buttons have been tested for 3 million strokes making it durable.

The device has a very low response time of 2ms, which makes it the perfect companion on work.


  • A sleek design and visually attractive
  • Comes with smart energy saver mode
  • Connectivity range is above 20 meters
  • Compatible with all major operating systems


  • Body plastic is not of superior quality

#4. Adcom 6D Slim Wireless Optical Super Mouse with 6 Buttons


Why you should buy this

A super cheap mouse for browsing and media streaming

Adcom is compact, sleek, and supports fast 2.4 GHz wireless technology which makes it your ideal desktop partner.

You get 2 thumb buttons as well for moving forward and backward during web browsing making it more convenient for a regular user.

You also get a DPI control button to let you adjust DPI optical movement to 3 predefined settings – 800, 1200, and 1600.

You can use this mouse for long gaming hours thanks to its compact design and lightweight body. The mouse’s battery life is also able to sustain for a year.


  • 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
  • Additional thumb buttons for ease of use
  • Super lightweight
  • Funky color


  • Cheap body plastic

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Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 1000

#5. OffBeat RIPJAW Wireless Mouse


Why you should buy this

Long battery life and multiple connectivity modes make it ideal for gamers

You can use the Offbeat mouse with wireless connectivity as well as with a USB cord in case, the mouse battery drains out. You can also change the DPI between 1600, 2400, 3200 making it useful for gaming as well as photo editing.

The mouse has an “Auto Sleep” feature that helps preserve battery life when the mouse is not in use. This ensures that you can use the battery for longer durations.


  • Not ideal for small hands
  • Fast charging support
  • High battery life of above 50 hours


  • Charging cable doesn’t fit easily
  • The mouse gives errors sometimes

#6. Xmate Zorro Pro Gaming Mouse 


Why you should buy this

A wireless mouse for gaming on a budget

You get a high rate of response using this mouse because of the faster 2.4 GHz frequency. A faster response rate helps to reduce the lag caused on the screen which is ideal in online gaming.

The mouse has an inbuilt battery that you can charge without worrying to change once consumed. The mouse gives you a 7-day battery backup with a single charge.

The device has an RGB lighting system, which makes the mouse more unique and eye catching for you.


  • 7 days battery backup
  • Faster response rate
  • RGB lighting


  • No battery level indicator while charging
  • The mouse does not seem highly durable

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Best Wireless Mouse For Laptop 

#7. Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse


Why you should buy this

A silent operation mouse to work at night

You can use the mouse for long hours without any problems thanks to the ergonomics design. The mouse comes with Quiet Mark certification from the UK Noise Abatement Society for its silent operation. The three buttons make it easy for regular usage.

The mouse is compact enough to allow easy transportation from one place to another in your laptop bag. You can enjoy the flawless movement thanks to the1000 DPI predefined settings.


  • Flawless operation
  • Silent buttons
  • Compact design
  • Comes with a battery inside


  • Not ideal for designers or gamers

Best Mouse For Mac

#8. Magic Mouse 2 Wireless Mouse for Mac


Why you should buy this

Multi-touch gesture support for Apple users

You can enjoy the features like multitouch horizontal and vertical swipe gestures for horizontal and vertical scrolling similar to your MacBook’s trackpad. The Magic Mouse 2 allows for smooth gliding on the surface.

You also get a rechargeable battery to avoid the hassle of changing batteries every now and then.

Sleek design compliment your Mac with style.


  • Sleek looks
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Lightweight
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Expensive

#9. HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse


Why you should buy this

If you are looking for a superb-looking, comfortable mouse for regular work

If you are looking for a sleek, classy, and compact wireless mouse, then go for HPZ3700. The HP Z3700 mouse is equipped with blue LED technology that allows the device to function on almost any surface, which makes it easier for you to use.  The 1200 DPI will ensure good accuracy and processing speed as well.

The mouse buttons produce minimal clicking sound that makes it ideal to work from home if you have night shifts. The “Tick-tick” sound of the mouse won’t annoy other people at home.


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Blue LED light works on most of the surfaces
  • 1200 DPI for speed and accuracy
  • 12 months battery life


  •  Not ideal for bigger hands

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Best Mouse For Designers

#10. Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse


Why you should buy this

Graphic designers with “thumb wheel” feature, fast scrolling speed, and precision cursor control

An ergonomically designed mouse that fits your hand perfectly. The Mx Master 3 mouse comes with 2 side buttons ideal for gaming as well as other browsing-related actions.

The mouse has a very efficient scrolling that is capable of going through 1000 lines in just a second, which makes it your best friend when it comes to proofreading.


  • Ergonomic design to avoid hand fatigue
  • The scrolling automatically shifts from slow to fast, depending on your scrolling speed
  • 2 dedicated buttons for the backward and forward movement
  • Unique “thumb wheel” for scrolling horizontally. 


  • Expensive

#11. Logitech G 304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse


Why you should buy this

gaming, graphic designing, and video editing

Logitech G 304 comes with great accuracy and superb responsiveness because of its 400 IPS precision and up to 12000 DPI sensitivity making it ideal for designers.

You also get 250 hours of continuous work on a single AA battery making it highly energy-efficient as compared to other mice in the category.

You can enjoy mechanical buttons working for longer times. You also get 6 programmable buttons as per your requirements.


  • 12000 DPI accuracy
  • Colors to indicate the mouse’s battery levels
  • Ease of gripping for longer use
  • Efficient battery


  • Little expensive

Things to Consider while Buying a Wireless Mouse 

Purpose of Use

If you need a mouse for gaming, you will have to choose something which has more off the keyboard control, like more buttons on the mouse itself. However, while looking for a daily use device, your primary criteria will switch to battery life, and ease of use. 

Usage Time 

If you are going to be using the mouse for the whole day, then it is better to switch to a mouse that has an ergonomic design. This will ensure it comfortably fits your hand. The mouse should have soft side grips that will fit the shape of your palm. For gamers, there are more buttons on the mouse that are easily accessible with one hand itself.

DPI Control

Most users tend to make the mistake of referring to the DPI as the game changer when it comes to choosing a mouse for them. A high DPI is important for gaming, whereas a low DPI is better for photoshop precision. 

Wireless Technology

In today’s time, Bluetooth is one of the cutting edge and more convenient technology today. The wiser option might be to go for a Bluetooth wireless mouse as opposed to a Radio Frequency mouse because the former is more popular, and hence, it will be easier to repair or replace. 

Final Thoughts

If you need an overall best and comfortable mouse, then buy AmazonBasics Compact Ergonomic Wireless Mouse thanks to its ergonomic design and 2 additional thumb buttons for the convenience of the user.

If you are looking for the best wireless mouse for laptop, then go with Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse because of its compact design and silent operation.

Go with Zebronics Zeb Dash Wireless Optical Mouse if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative.

Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 is the best mouse for Mac that allows you to use swiping gestures similar to the trackpad.

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