5 Best Smart Door Locks in India 2022

Have you ever wasted hours trying to find your home keys? Or Are you worried about your home security?

With the smart door lock, you’ll never have to worry about these issues again. The smart door lock is a revolutionary door lock that connects to your smartphone and automatically unlocks when your door closes. Simply set up the account and then download the app to connect to your lock. Additionally, You can also access smart door locks with your fingerprints, Wi-Fi, voice assistant, PIN or password, RFID cards and a traditional mechanical key. 

Here are five best smart door locks in India that offer your home security while maintaining functionality.

5 Best Smart Door Locks For Your Home Security

#1. T Tinxy Smart Door Lock with WiFi Controller and Door Sensor

T Tinxy Smart Door Lock with WiFi Controller and Door Sensor

The Tinxy Door Lock with Wi-Fi Controller and Door Sensor comes with security features like voice command, door unlock status, which streamlines access for your home. Even when your internet connection is down, you can still work with WiFi to access your devices.

You can unlock your door from anywhere on a variety of devices by using the “Tinxy” app that can operate on the Android platform as well as iPhones. You can easily check if the door is locked or not with your phone. 

The door lock also has a notification feature where you’ll get notified when family members open the house’s doors.

With a security alarm, you can protect your home if someone leaves the door open or tries to break in. The Tinxy smart door lock can also work with Alexa and Google Home.


  • 1 year warranty
  • No waiting or lockout problems
  • Sturdy and durable metal body
  • Works with Manual Switch/ Tinxy App/ Alexa / Google Home
  • You can set schedule and timer for on/off devices
  • Even when your internet goes off, works online and offline


  • No fingerprint, RFID card, and Pin

#2. LAVNA L-A24 Smart Door Lock 

LAVNA L-A24 Smart Door Lock

The Lavna smart door lock ensures you a 0.4 seconds unlocking speed with the 360 degree fingerprint sensor, which can hold up 100 fingerprints. Using this lock, you can register up to 100 RFID cards for your safety. 

You can also use 100 pin codes, OTP unlocks and traditional mechanical keys if you prefer. By using the OTP login based, you can also grant access to your guests arriving.

With Lavna’s bluetooth mobile app, you will be able to unlock your door without any effort. The Lavna Locks will show you a message on the mobile app screen that there is low battery.

This versatile metallic body design works well with both wooden as well as metal doors. The touch key pad of Lavna smart door lock makes it easy to use. 


  • 3 years warranty
  • Open lock via Bluetooth mobile app.
  • Don’t disturb knob available
  • Durable 5 locking bolts
  • Require 35-70 mm door thickness
  • Fingerprint, RFID Card, PIN, OTP and Manual Key access for wooden and metal doors


  • No 4AA battery included

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#3. Yale YDR 3110 Smart Door Lock

Yale YDR 3110 Smart Door Lock

The Yale YDR 3110 Smart Door Lock includes the “voice guide” function that lets you know how to set-up each feature, updates of current mode and its associated operative status. Yale door lock is made with Zinc Die-Casting and Fiberglass and supports door thickness from 35 mm to 55 mm.

You can also use “Yale App” and Wifi-network to lock or unlock your door. An app-you install will notify you when someone comes home. The automatic and manual locking system is available on the YDR 3110 door-closer.

The Yale door lock is designed with 80dB alarms that go off if someone tries to damage the lock or force open the door. The deadbolt lock offers the ultimate level of safety to your home by only giving access through RFID cards, pin codes and Bluetooth.

You will receive a warning in case of low battery with signal, and when the batteries are out completely, you can easily connect with a 9V battery.


  • Support door thickness from 35 mm to 55 mm. 
  • Automatic locking function
  • Low battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal
  • 1 year warranty
  • Smart keypad for easy to use
  • You can use RFID card/password for unlock the door


  • Fingerprint access is not available

#4. Valencia- Hola Smart Door Lock

Valencia- Hola Smart Door Lock

The Valencia Hola Smart Door Lock features a reversible handle that is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed doors made from aluminum alloy, and has a finish in glass.

With internal forced-lock mode, it is not possible to open the door from outside even if you use its biometric scanner or even card keys. This option will allow you to sleep peacefully without fear of intrusion from any side. 

Valencia Hola smart door lock can also be powered by an external power source such as a portable battery pack or 5v power bank in case of emergency. This keeps it working for longer and ensures that doors stay locked.

The Valencia Hola Smart Door Lock offers three alarms – tampering alarm, wrong password, and low battery indications that increase your home security. 

You can unlock this lock through three methods: with your fingerprints (register up to 100 users), a pin code or 2 RFID cards and additionally by using mechanical keys. With fingerprint access, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting passwords or lost keys.


  • 2 year warranty 
  • Fingerprint, RFID, PIN Access & Manual Key Access
  • Child safety lock 
  • 4AA battery included
  • Comes with free installation
  • Voice guidance feature is also available


  • Mobile apps are not available for unlocking the door.

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#5. OPEN Door Smart Door Lock with 5-Way Unlocking

OPEN Door Smart Door Lock with 5-Way Unlocking

The OPEN smart door lock has 5 ways enabling you to unlock using the fingerprint, a passcode, Bluetooth, OTP bound or NFC card. If those methods don’t work it has an emergency key as protection from unexpected mishaps. 

You can register up to 100 fingerprints and NFC card users that ensure everyone has access to your home. You can also create a one-time exclusive passcode for guests that automatically expires after use. 

The door lock can recognize 360° fingerprint access, its sensor is so sensitive it detects the slightest touch. The OPEN door smart lock is controlled by 4 AA batteries, with a battery life of 8 months to 1 year. 

You can manage your OPEN smart door lock with the “Tusk Smart Home App” for Android and iOS, which is available on the Google Play Store and Android App Store.


  • 1 year warranty
  • Works for both left-right handed door
  • Sturdy and long lasting deadbolt lock
  • 5-Way Unlocking, OTP Time Bound Access, Activity Logs, Fingerprint, Passcode, NFC Card and Emergency Key Access for Home
  • Fast performance and waterproof design


  • Customer care issues

My Recommendations

If you are looking for an affordable smart door lock, then you should go for T Tinxy Smart Door Lock with WiFi Controller and Door Sensor. Because this smart lock comes with several security features like Voice unlock, secure access, manual switch operation, and door unlock status are all present in this compact design. 

If you are looking for a smart door lock with multiple locking methods, then LAVNA L-A24 Smart Door Lock is the best choice for you as it offers durable deadbolt lock with Fingerprint, RFID Card, PIN, OTP and Manual Key access for wooden and metal doors. You can also unlock the door with a Bluetooth mobile app.

You may go with Valencia- Hola Smart Door Lock because it comes with unique features: internal forced-lock mode, child safety lock, emergency power supply, free installation, and voice guidance function. 

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