11 Best Home Recording Studio Equipment for Youtube in 2022 (At Low Budget)

You wish to set up a photo studio where you can manage and bring to life all that you capture. It can be a huge hassle to see for the best equipment. We have selected the best equipment that you shall need to set up your very own photography studio.

Here are 11 best equipments for youtube studio setup at home in India

Best Home Recording Studio Equipment in 2022

#1. A Professional Quality Camera (Canon 1500D)

Canon 1500D

For people who wish to capture High Quality still images and do video shoots that are of High Definition merged with features like CMOS sensor, you can buy the Canon 1300D.

It has a 24 megapixels 18-55mm lens which allows you to capture images that won’t pixelate. In case you wish to capture distant shots, you can opt for the 55-255mm lens as well that comes after paying an extra 8k.

This camera even has NFC & Wi-Fi so you can immediately transfer the stuff from the camera to your system. The camera shall be a perfect choice for people who are just beginning with photography.

#2. Tripod

Amazonbasics Tripod

The Amazonbasics Tripod is excellent for DSLRs, it can withstand weight upto 2 Kgs and keep your camera firm. This is very beneficial if your aim is to capture videos for long hours.

The tripod extends upto 50 inches high that means you can use it for a variety of purposes.

Weighing just over a pound, its light to carry and one can easily lock the legs if you feel the floor is slippery.

Users who like to capture still images and videos shall require a tripod that helps stabilize the moment of camera and keep the position firm at one place.

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#3. Professional Camera Lighting 

Professional Camera Lighting

Osaka LED lights works great as a powerful LED diffuser. You will get ambient lighting when shooting videos. It won’t pinch your eyes and the sheet over LED can be changed with different colourful sheets.

Its for users who struggle with low light. Osaka LED light enhances the already available light and brings crispness to your shoot.

A bright LED lamp can get the job done if you shall be recording videos or capturing still images. They even improve the balance of colors in the final image.

#4. Reflector & Deflector

Reflector & Deflector

A reflector reflects the already available light. Sonia 42 inches multi disc reflectors will help you create the best light for purposes like cinematography.

When you’re shooting something in the absence of natural light, you miss the crispness and that’s when you require colorful discs reflectors. They can help you improve the impact of light available to you.

Best photos come in natural light but since you can’t always rely on weather, you need something which can work with different lighting conditions available to you throughout the day.

Sonia 42 inches multi disc reflectors come in 5 different colors: Translucent, Silver, Gold, White and Black. You can use them as your requirement.

#5. Yeti Mic

Yeti Mic

Yeti mic is for professionals and people who wish to begin doing high quality voice overs for either a podcasts or recording high quality videos.

It has multiple ways of recording voice like bidirectional, omnidirectional and studio helping you use it for multiple purposes like interviews, field recording and conference calls.

The mic allows you to listen to what you are recording in real time without any delays. You can adjust the angle of the mic and the best part is the installation is driverless.

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#6. Mic (Record and Voice Over: Video)

Boya omnidirectional mic is a high quality mic if you want the audio in your final output to be crystal clear. A mic has to be light and be able to record audio from all the directions.

The boya mic is best for vlogging or even recording podcasts. Just plug the wire into 3.5 mm jack and you are set.

It has a 20 ft wire which makes it super easy to carry around.You require simple pencil batteries to keep the mic going.

#7. Flashes

Camera Flashes

Sonia speedlight flash is a universal camera flash which has a built in radio trigger to lit the flash without anyone behind the camera.

This way you also benefit from the camera’s position being still and firm.

This is a must have for people who shall capture images more than videos. A flash will be able to get your sufficient amount of light on the object that you wish to capture irrespective of the time of the day.

You get fast charging and 3 different modes which also includes the power saving mode.

#8. Backdrops

Best Backdrops in India

Numex’s three color backdrop is a great supporting device that has a firm stand and 3 colorful sheets so that you can shoot with a clear background.

The sheets are crisp and don’t suffer wrinkles. A cloth measure 8 ft * 12 Ft. The length of the cross bar is 9ft while the height is 7ft.

It works great for videos production and product photography. You can make use of a green backdrop and capture videos which can be changed it with a lot of different pictures and videos. It happens as part of a chroma key.

Similarly you can use a white background when doing a product shoot to have sharp focus on the object’s features.

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#9. External Hard Drive

To carry data rendered from a DSLR, you need a hard disk that can store lots of HD quality images and videos. Always look for a hard disk which has a good read and write speed.

Here is an estimate to find out what works the best for you:

If you are shooting HD video for 1 hour, it will consume 5 GBs of space

So, if you own a 2TB drive, you can store around 400 hours of videos.

Seagate’s 2TB shall make for a perfect choice for you. It supports fast file transfers with USB 3.0 Works and works on both windows and mac.

#10. Memory card

Memory Card is important. If you are going to capture a lot of videos or Full HD images, you can run out of memory pretty fast.

As an estimate if you are going to shoot and upload a video on youtube in 1080i format. As per the bitrate of 8Mbps

Your file size to shoot video in 1080i for an hour shall be: 3.6 GB, So a 128GB memory card shall give you 50 hours of storage. Similarly to store a video in 720p you will be able to store around 56GBs or storage.

It is a quick way to transfer when on the go. You can use it to record 2 hours of Full HD videos. Sandisk memory cards are shock-proof, temperature-proof, waterproof and x-ray-proof.

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#11. Mic Fur

When shooting a video outdoors, recording may go waste if you shoot it without a fur that helps audio from getting distorted from external noise of any kind.

The fur helps in different shooting conditions. You maybe sitting in a room with a noise making fan, the fur will ensure that noise is filtered out.

Since its no device, you don’t require any configuration to do else than fitting it to the right external mic port. If you find your mic portion is just a small hole, you can just paste a small portion of the fur over it.

The Rode DDCVMP mic comes with 1 year warranty. It comes in black colour and weighs only 18 grams. Its one of the very important things that you should be carrying when shooting videos.

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