7 Best Electronic Keyboard For Beginners in India 2022

An electronic piano keyboard is among the most preferred musical instrument. Everyone of us must have played our fingers on a toy piano keyboard in our childhood.

You might want to cherish your childhood memories again or if you are a beginner to learn piano on a serious note, then an electronic keyboard is the best alternative for you.

If you are confused about the options available in the market or online, then I have shortlisted 7 best electronic keyboard for beginners in India to help you out.

Best Electronic Keyboard For Beginners in 2022


The electronic keyboard comes with 37 keys, and covers a lot of functions like 8 rhythms, 8 tempo sounds, and buttons for volume and tempo control.

The tempo control helps to measure how fast or slow the beat of the music is, which helps composers with their music.

The keyboard allows you to record your performances so you can listen to it and learn how to improve. 


  • Built-in full range speakers. 
  • Comes with record and playback mode
  • Has tempo control
  • Weighs 950 grams, it is easily portable.
  • 1 year warranty


  • Slightly expensive for the features. 

Why should you buy this product? 

The built in powerful speakers, coupled with record and playback mode make this a good buy. 

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#2. Yamaha PSR-I400 Keyboard 

Yamaha PSR-I400 Keyboard

The keyboard comes with 218 preset styles, and sleek keyboard comes with eye catching design. The keyboard allows for the transposition of music, which means you can play the music on a higher or a lower note.

The Yamaha keyboard comes with a headphone jack, and it supports MIDI, which makes communication between electronic instruments easier. The touch response keyboard makes it easy for you to press on the keys. 


  • 218 preset styles
  • Touch Response keyboard
  • Many sounding Indian instruments to help Indian composers. 
  • Lesson functions to learn piano playing easily for beginners.


  • You may get damaged goods when delivered. 

Why should you buy this product? 

If you want a Touch Response keyboard, and the transposition feature make this a good option for you. 

#3. Casio CTX 700

Casio CTX 700

The keyboard comes with touch sensitive keys, which means the harder you press, the louder the sound. The keyboard will give you a piano-type experience. Weighing at 4.5kg, the keyboard is light and portable.

The Casio CTX 700 comes with a freeze function, which means that the settings will not change no matter what you do on the keyboard. So you get flexibility in your music while playing or composing music. 


  • Light and portable.
  • Comes with on screen Freeze function 
  • Easy to use as everything is clearly illustrated.
  • 600 tones and 195 rhythms give you a wide range of options to choose from. 
  • Touch sensitive keys


  • You cannot record anything you play on the keyboard itself. 

Why should you buy this product? 

If you want a keyboard with touch sensitive features and a variety of rhythms to choose from, the Casio CTX 700 is for you. 

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#4. DOMENICO 61 Key Digital Piano Electronic Keyboard

DOMENICO 61 Key Digital Piano Electronic Keyboard

The single finger chord helps to produce the sound of the complete chord even when you play only one or two notes in a lower register. The keyboard comes with 61 keys, 6 demos, and 8 percussions.

You can connect the keyboard to your mobile charger for playing it on DC power. The keyboard is compatible with all micro-USB chargers like the ones you use for your mobile or power bank.   


  • Weighs 350 grams and is easily portable. 
  • Power saving mode
  • You can record and play songs. 
  • Microphone is included. 


  • The keyboard comes with a single speaker. 
  • The keys might get jammed. 

Why should you buy this product? 

The single chord feature, and the light weight of the keyboard make this a good option. 

#5. DOMENICO 54 Key Electronic and Musical Keyboard

You can choose from 10 rhythms and 6 demo songs on the keyboard. The volume range goes from 0 to 16, so that you have a wide range of flexibility to choose from.

The chord record feature helps to record the chords of your composition, and replay it while you focus on the rest of the music. The playback microphone feature allows you to listen to what you have composed. 


  • 7 different sound effects
  • Microphone allows for singing along while playing.
  • Chord record feature
  • Bass and treble sound 
  • Weighs 350 grams, lightweight


  • The product is not always delivered as advertised. 

Why should you buy this product? 

If you want a lightweight electronic keyboard, with microphone and playback feature, then go for this. 

#6. Beston 61 Keys Electronic Keyboard 

Beston 61 Keys Electronic Keyboard

The keyboard has 61 keys, 16 tones, and 10 rhythms for you to choose from. You can play on this electronic keyboard by plugging in to any USB, power bank, adapter, which is convenient.

You can control the volume as well as the tempo as per your liking. The tempo control helps to measure the speed of the beat, and tell you how slow or fast it is, which is a useful feature for music composers. 

The adapter and mic are included in the package.


  • Comes with a ‘record and play’ feature. 
  • 8 Drum combination keys. 
  • The microphone helps to perform sing-along activities. 
  • Tempo control for better quality music. 


  • The keyboard has only one speaker. 

Why should you buy this product? 

If you want a variety of tones, rhythms, and drum combinations to choose from, this is the alternative for you. 

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#7. RockJam Electric Keyboard

RockJam Electric Keyboard

The keyboard comes with 200 rhythms and tones. You also get MP3 playback facility via USB or Aux cable. You can also learn to play the basic piano by using the two modes in the keyboard itself.

The headphone facility helps to drown out surround sound and focus on your music.

The 46 note recording function tries to ensure that you get maximum flexibility in your creative space. 


  • Power adapter and sheet stand included in the package. 
  • Lightweight as it weighs 13.61 grams. 
  • Simply Piano App content provided to learn playing easily. 
  • Headphone facility provided.


  • Might be too small in dimensions for some people.

Why should you buy this product? 

MP3 playback facility, headphone jack, and light weight of the electronic keyboard are all reasons to buy the same. 

Things To Consider While Buying An Electronic Keyboard For A Beginner

#1. Keys of the Keyboard

The keys of the keyboard will determine the action of the keyboard, which means how the keys respond when you press down on them. Weighted keys are tougher to push down when compared to lightweight keys. The weighted keys resemble a traditional piano and thus may be a good choice for beginners. 

#2. Digital Interface Compatibility 

The Musical Instrument Digital Interface Compatibility is not an issue when it comes to beginners. However, if you are planning to indulge further in electronic music, then having a device with features of sending and receiving signals for communication between electrical instruments will be a huge positive. 

#3. Mode Of Connectivity 

Having Wi-fi connectivity is optional on your keyboard. However, this will help if you are planning on actively taking part in musical compositions, and prevent keyboard up-gradation in the future. 

#4. Type Of Keyboards

There are different types of electronic keyboards you can choose from- a Workstation keyboard is good if you want to make your own music, and also has weighted keys to give you a piano-like feel.

An arranger keyboard will help to provide the surround sound while you compose your music, giving you a background track. 

Final Thoughts

We have shortlisted the 3 below from the our curated list of Best Electronic Keyboard For Beginners


The record and playback mode, tempo and volume controls coupled with the full range speakers make this product a good buy. Since it weighs 950 grams, it is also easily portable. 

#2. Beston 61 Keys Electronic Keyboard 

The 8 drum combination keys and convenient charging facility make this a good option for you. 

#3. RockJam Electric Keyboard

The headphone facility which drowns background noise makes this a unique product. 

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