10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 in India 2022

Bluetooth speakers come in handy when you are partying out with a couple of friends or want to listen to your favorite music while completing your domestic chores. Because you can connect your smartphone and play your favorite music without keeping the phone with yourself.

But the real problem is that you might be indecisive about the model you should go for because the market has been flooded with Bluetooth speakers. And if you have a fixed budget then it is more difficult to decide. 

But no worries, because we have curated a list of the 10 best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 to help you make an informed decision.

We have considered the parameters below to finalize the list. 

  • Size
  • Drivers
  • Battery life
  • Durability and water resistance
  • Multispeaker support

At the end of this article, you will be able to decide the best one for you as per your preference. So, let’s start with the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 in India.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000 in India 2022

#1. boAt Stone 1000 Portable Wireless Speaker


Best For

Outdoor picnics

boAt stone 1000 is specially designed for outdoor usage. The speaker comes with a rugged, toughed fiber outer body that can resist wear and tear due to exposure to elements like moisture, water splashes, and rough surfaces.  

You get two speaker drivers each of size 45mm. The large size of the drivers gives you distortion-free music at very high volumes making it an excellent option for parties. 

The speaker is IPX5 certified and has plastic flaps to prevent water from getting inside the ports so it is safe to use during a drizzle. 

You get 10 hours of playtime on a single charge which is excellent. If you are using at 50% or less volume, you can get up to 20 hours. 


  • Rugged build for durability. 
  • Two large speakers for distortion-free music. 
  • Long battery life. 


  • A little bulky design

#2. Tribit MaxSound Plus Wireless Speaker

Tribit MaxSound Plus

Best For

Pool parties and outdoor social gatherings

Tribit MaxSound Plus is a compact, but powerful speaker best suited for your picnics or outdoor usage. You get a rectangular curvy design with buttons on the top for easy control. 

Thanks to the larger drivers, powerful inbuilt amplifier and advanced audio processing technology that provides you enthralling bass and loud distortion free music best for get together. You also get a dedicated X-Bass button to amplify the bass that would give you deep bass and acoustic drums tight punch.

The speaker also has an IPX7 waterproof design so you don’t have to worry about rain when using it outdoors. 

The omnidirectional driver gives you clear vocals and punchy bass. You may get some distortion at very high volumes but for the most part, the driver does a great job in giving you a smooth sound. 

You get up to 20 hours of playback at 70 percent volume on a single charge. 


  • Durable build quality
  • Lightweight design
  • Powerful bass and loud music output
  • IPX7 Waterproof design
  • Aux-in support


  • Dual speaker pairing is missing

#3. Saregama Carvaan Mini 2.0- Music Player

Saregama Carvaan Mini

Best For

Listening to melody songs indoors and suitable for gifting to elders

If you are a fan of retro songs or want to give a present to elders at home for an occasion, then Saregama caravan mini is an excellent option. 

The build quality of the speaker is excellent. The rounded boxy design along with a metal grill that covers the speaker gives the speaker a retro look. The control buttons at the top are clicky and well-spaced out for ease of use. 

The two rubber pads at the bottom ensure the speaker stays in its place without moving due to vibrations. 

You get a 3W 40mm speaker driver with low treble, mid-level bass, and crispy vocals without any distortions at high levels. 

You also get an inbuilt antenna so you can tune to your local radio channels. There are 251 retro songs preloaded in the speaker. 

You get three to four hours of playback time on a single charge. 


  • Preloaded retro songs make for a perfect gift to elders
  • Tactile button control
  • Excellent build quality
  • Aux-in option to connect your mobile directly


  • Bass is not that high 

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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 in India

#4. Boltt Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 Portable Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker


Best For

outdoor usage like camping.

Boltt Fire is a rugged, waterproof outdoor speaker that is suitable for camping, hiking, swimming pools, and beaches. 

The speaker has an inbuilt microphone with which you can control your smartphone through Google assistant or Siri. 

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, the speaker uses very little power for connecting and gives you a range of 10 to 20 meters. 

You get loud and clear music with enhanced bass. The 1200mAh battery lasts for up to 8 hours on a single charge. 


  • Excellent build quality
  • Clear and loud sound 
  • Deep bass sound profile
  • Large battery


  • Bulky and heavy

#5. Blaupunkt BT52 10 W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Blaupunkt BT52 10 W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best For

indoor listening sessions

Blaupunkt wireless speaker has a boxy design with fabric mesh on the front for a minimalistic look. 

You get an aux port for wired connection, a micro USB port for charging, and an sd card to listen to songs from. 

The two rubber pads on the bottom hold the speaker in place so that it does not vibrate at high volumes. You get two 40mm drivers that produce a rich bass effect with clean mids and high tones. 

You get a 1500mAh battery that gives you around 6  hours of playback at 50% volume. 


  • Support for wired connection through aux in
  • FM radio option
  • SD Card slot for listening to music


  • No water resistance

#6. Portronics POR-871 SoundDrum Stereo Speaker

Portronics POR-871 SoundDrum 4.2 Stereo Speaker

Best For

suitable for single and group listening the indoors

Portronics POR 871 sound drum comes in a cylindrical package with grilled mesh for sound to penetrate in every direction. 

You get two 5W speakers that produce excellent sound without any distortions at high volumes. The speaker has a balanced sound signature with smooth mids, highs, and low tones. 

You also get an internal antenna to connect to FM that helps you to tune into your local FM stations. The supplied aux cable in the box can be used to connect the speaker in wired mode. 

You get up to 7 hours of battery back up on a single charge. 


  • Good build quality
  • Dual speakers for high volume
  • Distortion-free music at Lois volume
  • Water-resistant design


  • Bass response is not great

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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 in India

#7. JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

JBL GO speaker

Best For

A single room and for having group calls

JBL Go is a compact bluetooth speaker with the signature JBL sound signature. If you are looking for a good sounding compact speaker, this is the one for you. 

The sound from the JBL Go is very clear with punchy bass and mid-level treble. The sound does not get distorted at maximum volume so it is a good option if you wish to fill a room. 

You get up to 5 hours of playback on a single charge. The speaker has a noise-canceling inbuilt microphone so you can attend calls on it. You also get support for Google Assistant and Siri. 

You get a wired connectivity option as well with the aux-in option. JBL gives you 1 year of warranty on the speaker. 


  • Excellent build quality
  • Compact, portable design
  • Distortion-free sound
  • Noise-canceling microphone for calls


  • No water resistance

#8. Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100 Deep Bass Dual Equalizer IPX7 Waterproof Portable Wireless Speaker


Best For

Indoor and outdoor listening with balanced bass

Infinity Fuze 100 deep bass speaker comes in a compact, cylindrical housing with a rubber-coated top and bottom for excellent grip. 

You get control buttons on the top which are clearly embossed so it is easy to use in dark conditions.  

The speaker has a 40mm driver that gives you excellent clarity,  instrument separation, and medium bass response.  

The speaker can withstand water splashes and rain as it has an IPX7 rating so you don’t have to worry about damaging the speaker when you are outside. 

You also get an integrated microphone to take calls and use it to trigger google assistant and Siri on your mobile. The battery lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge. 


  • Durable build quality
  • IPX7 waterproof design
  • Long battery life
  • Portable


  • bass is not great

#11. boAt Stone 200 Portable Wireless Speaker


Best For

Indoor listening and best for hiking trips. 

boAt stone 200 has a rugged body and compact design making it an ideal everyday carry. The speaker has IPX6 certification making it suitable for outdoor use during rains as well. 

The speaker has a square shape with rounded corners and a metal mesh covering the driver unit.

You also get a loop to tie this to your bag. 

boAt features a single 40mm driver that gives clear mids and lows with smooth highs making it suitable for all types of music. 

One advantage of the speaker over other speakers in the range is the support for A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) which enables high-quality lossless audio transfer over the air from the host to the speaker.  

On a single charge, you get up to 6 hours of battery life. 


  • Excellent battery life
  • Durable build quality
  • IPX6 water and dust resistance
  • Inbuilt mic for attending calls


  • No stereo output support

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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1000 in India

#10. Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint Wireless Portable Speaker


Best For

Students who listen to music in the hostel or PG room

Infinity fuze pint comes in a compact, pocketable design making it very portable. The speaker is made of polycarbonate plastic and fabric mesh that gives the speaker a premium look. 

The control of the speaker is just a single button that controls all its functions and it is situated at the bottom of the speaker.  

You get a single 40mm speaker that gives you a sound profile that has clean mid-tones, clear lows for a smooth listening experience. 

For connectivity, the speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0 for very little energy conversion so even with a small 480mAh battery, you get around 5 hours of playback on this device. 


  • Compact and portable design. 
  • Built-in microphone to take calls. 
  • Clear sound output for the price. 


  • The control button is mounted at the bottom. So you have to pick it up every time you want to adjust the volume or skip tracks. 

#9. boAt Stone 260 Wireless Speakers

boAt Stone 260 4 Watt 1.0 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Best For

Indoor or listening in the balcony

boAt Stone 260 comes in an ultra-portable disc design that you can carry in your pocket. The speaker has a loop with which you can hang the speaker to your bag. 

You get enough volume to fill a room or a balcony making it suitable for solo listening or with a few of your friends. The sound output has balanced highs and lows making it suitable to listen to all genres of music. 

You also get an aux-in option so you can connect the speaker with your mobile or laptop with an aux cable. 

You get up to 5 hours of playback time on a single charge. 


  • Portable design
  • Balanced sound output
  • Loud enough to fill a room
  • IPX5 splash resistance


  • The sound gets distorted at high volumes

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Things to Consider While Buying Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000

#1. Size 

The size of the speaker depends upon your requirement. If you are looking for a speaker for outdoor use, you can go for bigger speakers that have two drivers for maximum volume. 

If you are looking for a speaker for indoor use, then go for the ones that are pocketable size so you can carry them everywhere. 

#2. Drivers

The speakers with large drivers produce more sound and have higher clarity. If you like to listen to your music loud, large drivers are a must as they don’t distort at higher volumes. 

#3. Battery life 

If you don’t mind the extra bulk of your speakers, then go for the ones with a large battery that can last up to 6 hours so that you can listen to songs and be able to watch a couple of movies before you have to charge again. 

#4. Durability and waterproofing

If you intend to use your speaker outside, then the build quality of the speaker matters a lot for the longevity of the speaker. Look for speakers with a rugged body made out of toughed fiber or hard rubber. 

For using outdoors or in showers, ingress protection rating (IP) is important so you can have a peace of mind that water won’t damage your speaker. 

#5. Multispeaker support

Some speakers support the pairing of similar speakers together which comes in handy in parties. So if you and your friends are looking to buy, you can opt for the speakers with a multi-speaker connect option. 

Final Thoughts

If you want a portable wireless speaker that gives you excellent sound output, the go for boAt stone 200 portable speaker.

If you are looking for a party speaker, go for the Tribit Maxsound Plus that offers excellent sound and durability. 

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker for old songs or gifting to someone, Saregama Carvaan mini 2.0 is an excellent choice, especially for elders. 

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