9 Best Alexa Compatible Smart Home Devices in India 2022

This post is for the who already has some Alexa device at home and wants to buy more devices to save their time and automate menial tasks in their house and eventually turn it into a much smarter home

We will discuss three categories and some top products within them to make a smart home.

Best Alexa Enabled Smart Home Devices in India 2022

We are going to take a look at multiple Alexa compatible devices in three categories which include security cameras, lights and smart plugs that can be controlled through Alexa smart assistant.

Best Alexa Smart Lights in India

Alexa Smart lights

#1. Philips Hue Smart Light Mini Starter with 10W B22 Bulb (White & Color)

Philips Hue Smart Light is the most popular in the market and if you want a smart light that can be controlled using Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant then go for Philips Hue Smart Light. This smart light support different colors which gives you lots of options in terms of color. However, it also supports the Hue Bridge function that makes it possible to connect to Alexa smart assistant.

This device can work with Alexa Echo Dot, Echo, and Echo Tap but you can also control it using Android smartphone or iOS. However, you will need to install the Philips Hue App to be able to control it through your phone.

#2. Syska Smart Light 7W LED Bulb

If you want an affordable smart light in your home then Syska Smart Light 7W LED Bulb will be the right choice for you. It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and with this and you can also set this device to take action when you want and how you want.

The good news is that Syska Smart Light can connect to any WIFI router and also support Android and iOS phones with a longer lifespan up to 25,000 hours and most importantly it comes with 2 years warranty.

#3. TP-Link LB100 Wi-Fi SmartLight 7W E27 to B22 Base LED Bulb (Off-White)

TP-Link LB100 Wi-Fi SmartLight 7W E27 bulb is another high-quality smart home light which usually comes in white color and compatible with Alexa, Android, and iOS smartphones. It supports up to 2,700 color temperature which indicates that the color of the light will be similar to that of incandescent or halogen light.

You don’t need any special router to connect this smart light, you can connect it with any router you have. Interestingly, you can control this smart light from anywhere using your smartPhone with the help of Kasa app but in terms of voice control, you can try Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana supported devices to see the magic.

Best Alexa Smart Plugs in India

Alexa Smart Plugs

#4. Pert 3000W ABS FRP Smart Wifi Plug

Alexa Smart Plugs are an important smart home technology because it can help you control your entire power usage of the house. You can instantly turn an appliance on/off using the app and lastly schedule power usage around your activities for maximum efficiency.

Multiple additional functions and support features are included in the same and the only phone is needed to control everything here and maintaining the best power efficiency across the household.

#5. Grayhats 4 in 1 Smart Plug

Grayhats is one of the best Alexa compatible devices that gives you full control over your home electrical appliances. It has 4 port, type-d 3-pin with Surge Protector to protect your home. Moreover, with Grayhats 4 in 1 smart plug, you will be able to control everything and anything plugged in from anywhere in the world.

Whether you have Amazon Alexa Echo, Echo Dot or Google Home Assistant you are fully covered as it gives you the ability to control the smart plug with your voice or control from anywhere through Android and iOS devices with an easy to use mobile app.

#6. Smarteefi Smart Power Extension Strip

Smarteefi Smart Power Extension Strip is an outstanding 3 in 1 WIFI-enabled smart plug compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. You can easily control this smart plug with your voice or control it from anywhere using any Android and iOS-powered smartphones and Tablets. Also, the 3 different smart ports can be controlled independently.

The smart plug has all the features that make life easier, you can schedule the plug the way you want which enables the device to work accordingly even without an internet connection.

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Best Alexa Supported Smart Home Cameras

Alexa Smart Home Cameras

#7. Xiaomi Smart Home Camera

Xiaomi Smart Home Camera is an IP based WIFI supported security camera with HD Night Vision, Two-Way Audio system and motion detection. With this smart security camera, you can monitor your home the way you want and when you want from anywhere while ensuring up to 1080P HD videos with vivid contrast that guarantees superior clarity irrespective of the time or weather.

The motion detection makes it possible for the camera to record events whenever it senses some strange movement. However, it comes with an Intelligent IR-Cut switch that enhances the performance of the camera during the night. You can monitor everything and anything from your smartphone from anywhere.

#8. Ezviz Mini O 1080P Indoor Internet WiFi Camera

Ezviz Mini O is one of the recommended indoor smart home security cameras compatible with Alexa and can be controlled from anywhere. The IFTTT feature makes it possible to control the security camera from other devices and optimized with Full HD 1080P HDR.

Whether it’s night or day time you will be able to monitor your home in real-time from anywhere and thanks to the high dynamic range, a wide 135-degree angle, and full HD resolution features are available in the camera.

#9. D-link Wi-Fi Home Camera

D-link Wi-Fi Home Camera is another popular security camera compatible with Alexa and can as well be controlled from anywhere anytime with mobile phones. Meanwhile, D-link Wi-Fi Home Camera is another affordable method to monitor your home in real-time compared to the regular CCTV cameras.

In terms of data storage, this device doesn’t need an SD card since it’s programmed to store data on mydlink cloud which has unlimited capacity and as well as other benefits. Also, it features high definition clarity – 720p HD video quality and optimized to work perfectly during the night and day.


Finally, if you need to see other Alexa compatible device that will help you turn your home into a smart home then Alexa smart home store should be the best place to go for an in-depth view of entire smart home categories.

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